Rate My App

Your store rating is the key to increasing your app's downloads and ensuring its success. When choosing between similar apps that do the same thing, users install the one with a higher rating.

That's why we've created Rate My App — an effective solution for improving app ratings and driving installs.
Why high app rating is important
A high volume of positive ratings boosts your app to the top of the search queries, making your app more discoverable to new customers. Besides, almost 80% of users check ratings and reviews before downloading an app to get the assurance that other people are satisfied with it. Increasing your store rating just 1 point can double app downloads.
It drives installs
Top-10 highest rated apps usually get 80-90% of category revenue. All the rest compete for the remaining 10%. Positive reviews and high ratings bring more installs, which results in more in-app transactions & increased revenue for app owners.
It increases revenue
All of your optimization and promotion efforts become useless if your app has less than 4 stars. Studies have shown that 50% of users won't even consider downloading a 3-star app. 1–2 stars nearly guarantee that an app will lose almost every download. Simply improve you app's rating to achieve your goals with less effort and fewer expenses!
It lowers promotion costs
Rate My App helps you drive the highest ratings and best reviews from your happiest users without causing frustration or interrupting their valuable user experience.

It analyzes your users' behavior and decides whether they can be included in the Happy User Segment. When a happy user leaves the app, they receive a push that asks them to rate your app in the store.
How it works
This way only those who enjoy your app will be asked to give a review. Precise user segmentation and behavioral analytics make collecting positive user feedback easier than ever!
Try Rate My App now and see the difference!