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Everything you need to send push notifications
Deliver push notifications automatically based on actions performed by users. You can create custom events using custom attributes.
Send pushes when user performs an action
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Define desired audience segments using Filters and Conditions. Tags can help you combine various criteria like user profile details, device information and turn them into segments.
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Use tags to segment audience
Out-of-the-box features marketers can use without developers' help
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You get a variety of customizable marketing tools that don't require coding. Tailor-made opt-in methods (in-apps, web SDK subscription button) to help your marketers grow their audience, A/B-tests, personalization & more!

Try out more features for smart push delivery
mobile push notification platform
Reduce manual work: create push notification delivery rules and set up schedules for your messages - we'll do the rest.
dynamic content
Dynamic Content
The content of your messages can be automatically changed based on the information about a user, their behaviour and other traits.
a/b testing
Send different versions of a push notification to smaller parts of your audience to find out what content performs best.
local time delivery and multilanguage
Local Time Delivery & Multilanguage
Set up push notifications that are delivered according to your users' timezone and talk to them in their native languages.
deep linking
AMP Push Notifications
Reach your users while they're surfing the web on mobile browsers by Integrating AMP Web Push component into your AMP web pages.
using tags with push notifications
Tags & Events
User information can be stored in Pushwoosh as tags - they allow segmenting your audience based on various criteria & personalizing messages.
save a message to the inbox
Out-of-the-box website widget for inbox messages - it keeps your push notifications available to users for as long as you need.
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